Using highly developed software to process the images captured by our UAV, we are able to compose 3-Dimensional models of the terrain that has been covered.  From this, a Digital Surface Model (DSM) is created and a Digital Elevation Model (DEM) can also be created by classifying buildings and vegetation and then removing them from the model to show the actual ground surface profile. Elevation contours can also be generated from the model.  With the correct ground control in use, a vertical accuracy of 0.1m can be achieved.

Volumetric and Area Calculations

A collection of photos taken from our UAV and specialized software are used to generated a Digital Elevation Model (DEM) of a surface.  The accuracy of this 3-Dimensional model is quite high if a ground control has been established and from this we can generate volumes of cut and fill.  This is ideal for calculating volumes of stockpiles or landfills.  Net changes in volumes can be determined when periodic flights are taken.


An Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) is much more efficient than traditional surveying methods for this purpose as traditional methods are time-consuming and labour-intensive.  Our streamlined monitoring service does not require people on the ground, thus reducing safety OH&S risks.

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