Are UAV’s safe?
Hummingbird Aerial Surveys is committed to the utmost safety standards, and conducts all flight operations under strict safety parameters. Every operation is planned and executed following a specific safety and quality checklist to ensure all systems are operating normally.

Are you certified, insured, what about the legality?
Yes, we are fully insured for commercial aerial operations, maintaining a two million dollar liability insurance policy. Additionally, we are certified by Transport Canada for Commercial UAV flight operation. All flights are conducted within the requirements of Transport Canada’s SFOC regulations.

How much does it cost?
Prices vary depending on the service.  Please send us in inquiry and we will reply promptly.

What is the maximum flight time and how much area can it cover?
With an approximate 30 minute flight time, we can cover 160 acres on a single set of batteries.   Larger areas can be captured by multiple flights.

How big is the UAV and where can it fly?
The UAV weighs around 6kg fully loaded. Its cruising speed is 48 km/hr.

Flight locations are restricted by the Transport Canada.  Normally this means we cannot fly within a certain distance of an aerodrome/airport and can only fly up to 90m above ground level without approval.

What conditions can the UAV fly in?
Generally the weather conditions need to be fine with very little wind. Wind speeds up to 25km/hr are ok but anything higher and the UAV will abort. We always keep a close eye on weather conditions and if unfavourable, then we will re-schedule.

The UAV cannot fly in rain either, mainly due to it carrying sensitive electronic equipment on board that could get damaged if wet.

What accuracy can I expect?
The accuracy of the orthomosaics and the digital elevation models (DEM) produced by post processing strongly depends on the flight height, lighting conditions, availability of textures, image quality, overlap, and type of terrain.

How long does it take to get the imagery?
Flight time for the UAV is actually quite minimal and images can be viewed as soon as the plane lands as they are just stored on an SD-Card on the camera.

If ortho-rectified images or a DEM are required then these products will generally be available within 24 hours of the flight if the job is small. Jobs that require additional post-processing will take approximately 48 hours.



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